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Dear Writers/Authors please before you publish your next book, kindly carry out the lessons below.

When you meet your graphic designer for your book cover, ask for at least four designs. Don’t rush into publishing too fast. Don’t deprive your book of the publicity it deserves. Take some time out to promote your forth coming book with your four options book covers and gain readership for your book.

Post the covers to your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and instagram to pick the book cover they like.

This gives your book great publicity and prepare your book for a successful book marketing.

The cover that gets the highest likes percentage should be picked by you as your official book cover because that is what your audience wants.

Remember you are writing for them and not yourself.

This is the power of your book cover.

As an Author, your book cover should be attractive and very catchy to anyone that comes across it. The cover should be saying: “Eh look at me. I am the solution or entertainment you have been looking for. Buy me now before I become sold out”.

This opportunity makes your book popular before you publish.

This is the power of your book cover before you publish.