Dear Writers/Authors please before you publish your next book, kindly carry out the lessons below.

When you meet your graphic designer for your book cover, ask for at least four designs. Don’t rush into publishing too fast. Don’t deprive your book of the publicity it deserves. Take some time out to promote your forth coming book with your four options book covers and gain readership for your book.

Post the covers to your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and instagram to pick the book cover they like.

This gives your book great publicity and prepare your book for a successful book marketing.

The cover that gets the highest likes percentage should be picked by you as your official book cover because that is what your audience wants.

Remember you are writing for them and not yourself.

This is the power of your book cover.

As an Author, your book cover should be attractive and very catchy to anyone that comes across it. The cover should be saying: “Eh look at me. I am the solution or entertainment you have been looking for. Buy me now before I become sold out”.

This opportunity makes your book popular before you publish.

This is the power of your book cover before you publish.




Hello Great Talent!

Someone whispers in my ear that you are frustrated because you have no opportunity to showcase your Talent to the world.

Stop getting worried and don’t be frustrated because if you continue with this your frustration mood, you will be chasing away solutions from your side.

So let us get down to business.


The young story I wanted to share with you is a victorious one.

He looked for a PLATFORM with his two fishes and five loaves of bread (His little Money)

A platform is any situation giving one access to an audience one can exploit as an opportunity for promoting one’s views.


When you can’t get a publishing company to publish your written manuscript to become a book or when no record label want to sign you, don’t give up.

With your little money (your two fishes and five loaves of bread), definitely when you sow it in the right soil (Talent Success Team), people will buy and celebrate your Talent Products and you will become A Talent Millionaire.

Action: What you need to do is look for a Talent Success Team that has the same like minds with you. A Team that is God fearing and desire to succeed with their Talents and bring a positive change to the society.

Think about this: Jesus Christ is the Son of God but yet he has twelve disciples to help him with his Ministry on earth.

Then tell me, who are you not to have your own Talent Success Team?

Wake up my friend and don’t give up. There is hope.

When you have your Team, You are sure of Achieving your Talent Success Story faster and without any disappointments.

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Yours in Talent Success,

Awele ilusanmi



STOP IT PLEASE!!! What am I begging you to stop? I am begging you to stop wasting your hard earned money on Talent Promotion that won’t bring in your Talent Money.

Let us be truthful: One Major Reason why you are doing Talent Promotion is so that people can know you, a Marketer should come and buy your Talent Product and give you your Talent Money. Look, don’t be deceived. A Marketer or Promoter won’t come until you have proved that you are the star on who they can spend their money on so that they can get their money back. But the Big Question is: When will that be? (Wise up. They prefer working with ALL READY MADE STARS because people will demand their products). Be wise. Do a Talent Promotion that will assure you of bringing back your Talent Money in hundred fold.

ACTION:  MY NEW PROMOTION PATTERN:  PLAN YOUR MARKETING BEFORE PROMOTION: Belong to a God fearing group of dedicated people or dedicated fans that will buy Your Talent Products (Books, Songs, Bags, Creative things) before you start promotion. So the New talent promotion style is: Talent Product + My Talent Success Team Promotion (They will help me do massive Direct Promotion) + Direct Marketing = My Talent Money.

You can’t achieve Talent Success alone. You need a team that reasons about success like you do. With this team by God’s grace, you are sure that your money won’t enter voice mail. You are sure of getting promotion money with the little you can contribute.  JOIN A TALENT SUCCESS TEAM. Stop promoting your Talent aimlessly.

For you out there reading this article, take action now. Join T S T today.

Don’t give up. There is hope.

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Yours in Talent Success,

Awele ilusanmi



Talent Money! Talent Money!! Talent Money!!!

This is very very very important in the Talent Success Business.

Right from the day you discovered that you have a Unique Talent, you also see the importance of you having money to produce and promote your Talent Products before people can notice you and begin to buy from you.

MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY!!!. This money issue na wah sef.

If you are not determined to succeed with your Talent against all odds, you will be heart broken.

Let us tell ourselves the truth, we all need money to take our Talents to the highest levels.

For you to pass the Talent Promotion Test, you also need money. It is part of the price you have to pay if you want to become a Talent Millionaire.

Year in, year out, people give up on their dreams because there is no money for promotion after trying to raise money to produce your Talent product.


If Jesus Christ can take two fishes and five loaves of bread and feed Five Thousand people, then there is hope for you.

The Question is: what do you have in your hands? Believe that with the little you have, God can make Your Talent Grand and Glorious.


Yours in Talent Success,

Awele ilusanmi

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Hello Great Talent. I have some home truths to tell you about Talent Millionaires.

I hear you say: “I am very talented. I can do this or that”.

Truly, I appreciate your many Talents but until you discover your Unique Talent, you are not yet ready to begin your Talent Success journey and become a Talent Millionaire.

One Secret of a Talent Millionaire is that he or She Knows the Power of a Unique Talent. You need to know your Unique Talent. This will be your selling point that set you apart from other competitive talents out there which are also crying and struggling for the World’s attention. As a beginner in the talent business, you can’t afford to be Jack of all Talents. You need to discover and specialize in one Talent first. Then as time goes on, you can add other talents to it if you truly feel you can cope.

You must have it at the back of your mind that people will only celebrate and invite you to showcase your Talent because you are unique. It is that uniqueness that they want to see or experience.

I have discovered that it is great to have several talents but if you sincerely desire to succeed, you have to choose one of the talents and develop on it very well. To find out which of your talents is special, you have to do these seven things.

  1. Take a paper and a pen
  2. Go to a quiet place
  3. List all your talents
  4. Do a thorough soul searching on which one makes you stand out in the crowd. Ask yourself: “Which of my Talents did I perform and I was given ‘true’ compliments?
  5. Ask yourself: “Do I really feel joyful and would love to showcase this Talent over and over again without been forced”?
  6. You can even ask your close families and true friends to tell you the special talent that they have noticed in you, without trying to gain favors from you but making effort to see that the best in you is celebrated.
  7. Talk To Your Creator. If you are still confuse, then I would advice that you take some time and talk to your God your creator. He knows and understands you better than anyone.

He alone can tell you which talents can bring you success and make you an impactful person to your world.

If you want to truly become a Talent Success, you really need to discover your special talent and start developing it. There is no need wasting time trying to be everything and ending up becoming nothing. You will discover that when you do this, your energy will be properly focused and you will experience good results.

It pays to be focused in other to achieve one’s dream.

I believe that having taken sometime off and done a lot of soul searching, you will know your Unique Talent.

Awele Ilusanmi

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Christian writers, your writing are a sure way to reach and solve the world’s problem with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

At times, we do encounter discouragement in our writing ministry. I realize that it is not a sin to feel discouraged but to give in to discouragement is a great sin.

Discouragement is the instrument of the devil to hinder you from fulfilling the purpose of God to reach the world with His messenges in your heart. It is necessary for you to realize this earlier and condition your heart that no matter what, you will not give in to discouragement.

Fellow writer, you have to discourage your discouragement.

At a time in your writing ministry, you may not have anyone to encourage you, the situation around you may prove negative. Things may not be moving the way you expected. There may be little or no financial backup to execute your writing project, and you think the next thing is to give up and abandon it. Please don’t give up, it is normal for you to feel the way you are feeling when fulfilling the purpose of God for your life. But one thing is sure, the Lord that give the vision will surely assist and create ways for you. Don’t give in to discouragement.

In the book of 1 Samuel chapter 30, David (a warrior and a man of God) was so discouraged, to the extent that the people around him turned against him and decided to stone him to death. But bible says “David encouraged himself in the Lord his God”. At the end, he conquered his enemies. You also will conquer your enemies in Jesus name. Don’t be discouraged.

Also in the book of Jeremiah, Prophet Jeremiah was told by God to write down all things He spoke to him so as to read them to the king in the temple. Jeremiah called Baruch to write on his behalf while he was dictating the whole prophecies and later instructed him to read the scroll/book to the hearing of king and everyone at the temple. As Baruch was reading the scroll, the king collected it and burnt it.

God saw all the things that happened, He told Jeremiah to write the prophecy again. Jeremiah dealt with his discouragement and called Baruch to write again. Don’t be discouraged.

How To Solve The Problem Of Discouragement In Christian Writing.

  1. Pray: prayer solves problems. Pray more against the hindrances, obstacles, discouragement etc. prayer is a great weapon to deal with the enemy.
  2. Be happy and excited about your vision and purpose in life. Think about it, speak about it. Dream about the glory that awaits you at the end.
  3. Take the first step today, start writing the book today, avoid procrastination. If you have written the book start the process of typing and editing it today. Approach the publisher that will publish for you today. Take the first step today and the problem is half solved.
  4. Pray and pray until the project is completed. Don’t stop praying, prayer will make it possible and dissolve all the obstacles.

It is not him that started the race that receive the reward but him who finish it well. So, avoid uncompleted project. I pray that God will give you all the necessary things to start and finished well.

God bless you richly.

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