Talent Money! Talent Money!! Talent Money!!!

This is very very very important in the Talent Success Business.

Right from the day you discovered that you have a Unique Talent, you also see the importance of you having money to produce and promote your Talent Products before people can notice you and begin to buy from you.

MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY!!!. This money issue na wah sef.

If you are not determined to succeed with your Talent against all odds, you will be heart broken.

Let us tell ourselves the truth, we all need money to take our Talents to the highest levels.

For you to pass the Talent Promotion Test, you also need money. It is part of the price you have to pay if you want to become a Talent Millionaire.

Year in, year out, people give up on their dreams because there is no money for promotion after trying to raise money to produce your Talent product.


If Jesus Christ can take two fishes and five loaves of bread and feed Five Thousand people, then there is hope for you.

The Question is: what do you have in your hands? Believe that with the little you have, God can make Your Talent Grand and Glorious.


Yours in Talent Success,

Awele ilusanmi

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