STOP IT PLEASE!!! What am I begging you to stop? I am begging you to stop wasting your hard earned money on Talent Promotion that won’t bring in your Talent Money.

Let us be truthful: One Major Reason why you are doing Talent Promotion is so that people can know you, a Marketer should come and buy your Talent Product and give you your Talent Money. Look, don’t be deceived. A Marketer or Promoter won’t come until you have proved that you are the star on who they can spend their money on so that they can get their money back. But the Big Question is: When will that be? (Wise up. They prefer working with ALL READY MADE STARS because people will demand their products). Be wise. Do a Talent Promotion that will assure you of bringing back your Talent Money in hundred fold.

ACTION:  MY NEW PROMOTION PATTERN:  PLAN YOUR MARKETING BEFORE PROMOTION: Belong to a God fearing group of dedicated people or dedicated fans that will buy Your Talent Products (Books, Songs, Bags, Creative things) before you start promotion. So the New talent promotion style is: Talent Product + My Talent Success Team Promotion (They will help me do massive Direct Promotion) + Direct Marketing = My Talent Money.

You can’t achieve Talent Success alone. You need a team that reasons about success like you do. With this team by God’s grace, you are sure that your money won’t enter voice mail. You are sure of getting promotion money with the little you can contribute.  JOIN A TALENT SUCCESS TEAM. Stop promoting your Talent aimlessly.

For you out there reading this article, take action now. Join T S T today.

Don’t give up. There is hope.

Remember to Buy Next Week Edition. I will be discussing about TALENT MARKETING. Don’t miss it. (DO YOU NEED A TALENT SUCCESS TEAM? SEND ME TEXT ON 09054018081) Email to: info@writersmarketng.com

Yours in Talent Success,

Awele ilusanmi

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