Hello Great Talent. I have some home truths to tell you about Talent Millionaires.

I hear you say: “I am very talented. I can do this or that”.

Truly, I appreciate your many Talents but until you discover your Unique Talent, you are not yet ready to begin your Talent Success journey and become a Talent Millionaire.

One Secret of a Talent Millionaire is that he or She Knows the Power of a Unique Talent. You need to know your Unique Talent. This will be your selling point that set you apart from other competitive talents out there which are also crying and struggling for the World’s attention. As a beginner in the talent business, you can’t afford to be Jack of all Talents. You need to discover and specialize in one Talent first. Then as time goes on, you can add other talents to it if you truly feel you can cope.

You must have it at the back of your mind that people will only celebrate and invite you to showcase your Talent because you are unique. It is that uniqueness that they want to see or experience.

I have discovered that it is great to have several talents but if you sincerely desire to succeed, you have to choose one of the talents and develop on it very well. To find out which of your talents is special, you have to do these seven things.

  1. Take a paper and a pen
  2. Go to a quiet place
  3. List all your talents
  4. Do a thorough soul searching on which one makes you stand out in the crowd. Ask yourself: “Which of my Talents did I perform and I was given ‘true’ compliments?
  5. Ask yourself: “Do I really feel joyful and would love to showcase this Talent over and over again without been forced”?
  6. You can even ask your close families and true friends to tell you the special talent that they have noticed in you, without trying to gain favors from you but making effort to see that the best in you is celebrated.
  7. Talk To Your Creator. If you are still confuse, then I would advice that you take some time and talk to your God your creator. He knows and understands you better than anyone.

He alone can tell you which talents can bring you success and make you an impactful person to your world.

If you want to truly become a Talent Success, you really need to discover your special talent and start developing it. There is no need wasting time trying to be everything and ending up becoming nothing. You will discover that when you do this, your energy will be properly focused and you will experience good results.

It pays to be focused in other to achieve one’s dream.

I believe that having taken sometime off and done a lot of soul searching, you will know your Unique Talent.

Awele Ilusanmi

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